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3 Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make In Social Media Marketing

There are so many small businesses that keep popping up anywhere you look. But in this competitive world, it takes a lot to survive. Social media marketing has really opened up a whole new path and given a means of survival to the small businesses. But in order to utilise that one needs to know everything about social media. Not only that one also needs to be aware of the common mistakes that these small businesses tend to make.

Not Having A Good Social Media Marketing Plan

Not Having A Good Social Media Marketing Plan

We all like to plan before we do anything right? Unless it’s a spontaneous weekend trip from Kolkata, you will most likely work better if you do have a plan. The same goes with social media marketing which a lot of small companies tend to avoid doing. Posting randomly whatever you feel like might be good for a personal account but not a business account.

You need to have a plan the very same way, you make a plan for digital marketing. You will need to have specific goals, budget, and a plan of action on what your objective is and what you are trying to accomplish. You will need to replan and regroup repeatedly after measuring results and reallocate resources if your current plan is not working.

Thinking All Social Media Platforms Are The Same

Thinking All Social Media Platforms Are The Same

If you think that only one social media platform is enough and using only Facebook or Twitter is enough, then you are wrong. Sure, you can choose social media platforms according to how much you are willing to spend on social media marketing. But it is better to choose the most popular social media platforms where you will be able to find your target audience.

Also, make sure you take care of the customs, language, audience and the type of content that you are going to post on certain social media platforms. Every social network has a different way of communicating. For example, you can’t exactly post something in Chinese in America. If you do that, your audience will remain very limited.

Not Engaging Personally

Not Engaging Personally

If you want your consumers to be loyal to you, then you can’t rely on automated posts and responses. After all, convincing a customer that you are the best in the market is the only way to get loyal customers. Otherwise, they can easily switch to other companies. If they don’t care about what you are posting or they are unable to relate to themselves, your social media updates are going to be quite useless.

If a person responds or comments, then make sure to reply. But also don’t use automatic message. It is quite easy to understand who is giving a genuine reply personally and who are using automated messages. But on the other hand, don’t be too overcrowding. Don’t send too much mails or spams with irrelevant content. It can very easily annoy them and you will most likely lose them.

Social media marketing can be fun, personal, and engaging. All you need to do is avoid these mistakes.


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